Our Programs


Child Watch Apartment

Provides a safe place to temporarily house children while searching for permanent placement. This apartment is kept stocked with meals for kids, coffee for caseworkers and provides office space for CPS to get work done while on site.


The Great Room

Meeting space for local non-profits, CPS, placement agencies, and other orphan care related organizations. Will also facilitate trainings and celebrations for Permian Basin families.

Foster closet permian basin adopt the attic foster network supplies clothes diapers midland odessa

Permian Basin Foster Closet

A physical storefront and donation center for 

The Attic Foster Network

Located in Midland, but with convenient access to Odessa and surrounding communities. 

To get involved, visit theatticfn.org

Our Name



The farm has a deep legacy of being a place of restoration. Once church offices, converted to housing for single mothers, we hope to carry on the legacy that has preceded us on the farm. 


God's Calling

God has called us to be restorers, ministers of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5). The farm provides a number of meaningful opportunities for us to live out God's calling on our lives to foster restoration. 



It is our belief that while God is the ultimate restorer, we have a great opportunity to foster situations of restoration. Beyond that, our heartbeat has and will continue to be for the local fostered orphan.